we see it as the goal of our work to inspire the next generation and equip them with the superpowers they need for tomorrow

We Are working on the future of education where Technology and Classrooms will intersect

Our team has been experimenting with the implementation of augmented reality into our lesson designs in recent years. Here is an example of children using the prototype of our card game (Discover Molecules and Compounds) at home.

We are working on affordable options for classrooms to integrate Experiential Learning and NGSS

In the 2021-2022 academic year in the United States, we are excited that our classroom learning aligned experiential learning lessons will be piloted in a middle school classroom in Minnesota. Find updates about this partnership on our social media channels in the fall. 

In the UAE, we have supported public schools with our experiential learning kits in the past. We are currently a participant in the Activity Platform organized by the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge.

We Are working on the foundation of it all and support academic research

From time to time we are invited to contribute towards academic research primarily in the United States. For example, a member from our team contributed to the following report, published in 2021: High-Leverage Opportunities for Learning Engineering.