Monthly STEM Lab for Class 6 ICSE

All our Monthly STEM Labs are syllabus-aligned, so everything children discover with our boxes helps them to be better learners in the classroom. 📚🚀

This subscription for class 6 students in ICSE schools will include exciting experiment and activity boxes covering topics like Motion Via Energy Transformation and Class I Levers. To ensure you that this Monthly STEM Lab fully aligns with your child’s or student’s school topics, you can also check the mapping table below for complete details.



Take a sneak peak into your chosen stem lab subscription 👀

Discover some of the Experiments and Activities that you will find in the Class 6 ICSE Subscription

what you will get 🎁

Within the One-Year STEM Lab Subscription your child will get 10 boxes delivered to your home – one for each school month exluding the summer holidays 🎓 ☀️ . Each one of our monthly STEM Labs always includes:

Experiment Activities Materials Monthly STEM Lab

All the materials you will need to conduct these fun and yet educational activities or experiments. PS: sometimes we ask you to use some things you already have at home (like a ruler or some water)

Our illustrations filled instructions booklet, including data analysis (mathematics) and reflection (higher-order thinking)

Precautions Monthly STEM Lab

Of course: Our handout highlighting the precautions when conducting our experiments and activities.

Scientists Notebook Monthly STEM Lab

Our special science notebook handout in which we explain young explorers how scientists take notes and track experiments

Why kids, parents, and teachers love the monthly stem lab 🤩🚀

59 mins ago
Keerthi Kumar
(verified owner)

The activity is curriculum aligned and engaging for my daughter and me also. The items inside the box are simple but effective for understanding the concepts of science. Nice product!!!

3 hours ago
Raushan Kumar
(verified owner)

This is a great idea for students. This helps them to be more creative and informative.

4 hours ago
Mansi Joshi
(verified owner)

Great concept of practically visualising the theory of the textbook on your desk. I completely clarified my son the concept of the conduction of heat in different metals. Very nicely designed experiment and the apparatus are so easy to handle.